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Long’s is proud to introduce A.H. Beard, Australia’s premier manufacturer of high quality, handcrafted beds for over 100 years.  A.H. Beard beds are built to a higher standard of performance and crafted from the finest materials.  Beard Beds are made in America by Paramount Sleep, a national family owned and managed manufacturer since 1933.A.H. Beard Beds combine a distinctive, very stable yet body conforming, luxurious night’s sleep.   The key a very strong, stable Amish Spruce Wood foundation, quality innerspring units, fine padding materials, quality ticking and hand tufting.  Every model is fully outer tufted by hand, securing the upholstery layers to ensure they will not settle or shift over time. All models have foam encased edges to provide a stable sitting and sleeping surface.  Great care is taken at every step of the manufacturing process to construct a long lasting luxury product. Each model was designed exclusively for Long’s.

Long’s Sydney Eurotop

Long's Sydney Eurotop

This top of the line beauty has an Advanced Progressive Coil Design – pocketed coils inside pocketed coils.  The exterior coil provides an initial comforting feeling, responding to weight and body movement. The interior coil, once engaged with body weight, reacts with increasing firmness, providing the essential support characteristics needed for correct postural alignment.  Natural New Zealand Wool, Natural Latex, Cotton and premium foams complete the bed.

Long’s Melbourne

Long's Melbourne

A very gentle Cushion Firm, Body Conforming Mattress, featuring a stable, pocketed coil innerspring unit.  Amongst the padding layers are Natural Silk and Wool Blend and Natural Latex Foam.

Long’s Brisbane Plush

Long's Brisbane Plush

A Plush, Conforming, Luxury comfortable mattress.  The innerspring unit contains tempered steel coils encased in individual pockets of high-density, high quality fabric.  The unit delivers a pressure relief that conforms to the individual contours of each person.  Coils are arranged in strands running head to toe for reduced motion transfer and less partner disturbance.  Natural Silk and Wool Blend in the padding materials adds even more luxury.

Long’s Victoria

Long's Victoria

A Cushion Firm Mattress.  The core is an exclusive Ultra-Support Coil Unit.  12.5 gauge tempered steel is the heaviest and strongest support system in mattress construction today.  Designed for high performance to ensure support across the surface for proper spinal alignment.  Nicely padded with Silk and Wool Blend and quality comfort foams.