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Latex, the natural alternative, is the only foam made from the sap of the rubber tree plant.  Thus, it is a natural product that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and lasts for ten to fifteen years.  But, the real story comes from the sleeping benefits of latex.  The surface elasticity of this mattress allows for greatly diminished pressure on the body (including sore joints and muscles), while still beautifully conforming to a sleeper’s profile.  The result is more comfort and less tossing and turning.  Natural latex has outstanding porosity.  It breathes, making it a remarkably cool and restful sleeping surface; a surface that has zero motion transfer.

Latex mattresses a great for platform beds, as latex compensates for the lack of a shock-absorbing box spring under the mattress.  The result is comfort without feeling the board underneath.

Latex works equally well on adjustable electric beds, as it bends with the contours of the underlying mechanism.

Long’s has assembled an outstanding collection of latex core mattress.  They are latex cores from one edge to the other.

We show “Green” latex mattresses by Therapedic, Long’s Latex & OMI.


Organicpedic Mattresses by OMI.

Not only are OMI mattresses certified organic and pure, but the factory is, too.

Beautifully crafted and tailored and gloriously comfortable.  A selection is on display.

Long’s own latex firm and plush mattresses were created as more affordable, yet natural options. Natural latex cores, organic wool padding and organic cotton covers ensure a good nights rest.