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Long's Organic

Luxuriously hand-made and organically filled, these eco-friendly beds offer a rejuvenating night’s sleep.  Individual organic cotton encased, nested coils in the mattress beautifully conform to each sleeper’s body.  The coils in the box spring act as an additional shock absorber so that each person sleeps peacefully.  The resilient all-natural filling materials ensure even temperatures throughout the year.  Filling materials, depending on the model are all natural and organic horsehair, cotton, wool and latex.  The cover or ticking is pure organic cotton.

We offer Long’s Green Firm and Long’s Green Plush. Along with Long’s firm and plush latex mattresses.


We are proud to welcome Organicpedic Mattresses by OMI.

Not only are OMI mattresses certified organic and pure, but the factory is, too.

Beautifully crafted and tailored and gloriously comfortable.  A selection is on display.