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Long’s is proud to be the first and exclusive United States Relyon dealer.  Established in 1858, Relyon is the premier British brand, respected for the highest standards of product design and quality in manufacturing.  Our Relyon products come directly from the Relyon factory in England, and are the same models that are sold throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, made for us in US sizes.

Our Relyon selections include the finest, body conforming, pocketed spring mattresses, made by hand, hand filled with the finest materials, and finished with hand sewn sidewalls and hand tufting.  Relyon Divans (similar to US box springs) are primarily handmade, using traditional materials and construction methods.  The result is world class support, comfort, and, most importantly, the most rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Relyon has added a customized upholstered headboard and divan option on many models. Each applicable bed features a selection of headboard styles and fabrics to order.


MontacuteNaked _RelyonRoyalHeritagefinal

Relyon is proud to present a range topping mattress in the Montacute. Made from the best bed upholstery materials in the world and crafted within the finest of bed making traditions, the Montacute is quintessentially Relyon. This mattress wraps the sensuality of a perfect blend of natural hand-teased fillings around a triple layer of over 5,500 pocketed springs in a king size mattress. The Montacute is an opulent bed upholstered with generous quantities of camel hair, lambswool, merino wool, cashmere and silk, and is finished with hand tufting and five rows of hand side stitching for edge to edge support. Sleep is essential for physical and emotional health. The Montacute provides unsurpassed levels of comfort and support to ensure a restful, rejuvenating sleep for an alert start to the next day.


RosemountNaked _RelyonRoyalHeritagefinal

The Rosemount is a luxurious mattress using a blend of the very best in high quality natural fillings over a double layer of hand-nested and center-tied calico pocketed springs. The Rosemount has an abundance of meticulously hand-teased mohair, horse hair, cotton, lambswool, cashmere and silk upholstery layers. Hand-tufting and four rows of hand side stitching finish the mattress for edge to edge support.



The Beaulieu is a naturally inspired mattress as lambswool has always been a mattress filling of choice due to its softness and ability to keep one cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Beaulieu boasts a copious amount of hand teased lambswool layers. Support is provided by a generous layer of hand-nested, center-tied, calico pocketed springs. The mattress is finished with three rows of hand side stitching and hand-tufting.



One of the finest mattresses, the Grandee features a double layer of center tied pocketed springs, and a matching pocketed coil divan. Upholstery layers include hand teased lambs wool, mohair, horsehair, cashmere, silk and cotton. Four rows of hand side stitching on the mattress ensure comfort and durability.


Vienna Ortho


For those requiring a firmer yet comfortable bed, this one is a dynamo.  The firmest Relyon available, yet it still molds to the body in a beautiful way.  The Padded Top Divan offers added support.  The mattress alone is wonderful for platform beds, too.